How much time would you save by automating all recurring processes?

Automate - Now.

How much time would you save by automating all recurring processes?

Automate - Now.

We Automate SMEs

Carrying out recurring processes manually is tedious and time-consuming – automating them saves time & money.
Now is the time to engage your users and customers in your workflows. Take a visible and innovative step towards automation. They expect higher customer satisfaction, faster service and transparent processes. The IT department becomes the starting point of innovation. Take up the topic first and become the innovation driver in your company. Find out more in this video (German only).

Why processNow

Sustainable Increase of Efficiency

Our solution saves time and increases the quality of processes. Processes can be traced and and data quality increases noticeably.

Cost-effective Entry to Process automation

No acquisition costs - there is no need for additional hardware and professional tools are already in your community-editions.

GDPR compliant - from EU

Everything from our solution comes from the EU and is therefore compliant with the EU market. No cloud solutions, all data stays on prem.

Higher Quality & Lower Cost

We automate your business processes with the existing objects in your database. You offer your departments and customers automated processes in every imaginable form. We create your workflow management on the basis of standardized and proven open source solutions.

Even more: We realize your transformation towards digitized and automated service processes. With the power of enterprise solutions. For the budget of SMEs.

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processNow In Action

In this video (German only) we show you a simple use case that was realized with processNow. We will show you how easy it is to automate recurring processes with clever workflows.

What would you like to automate?

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